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Kenny Wyane Shepard - story on OnMilwaukee

Do you know Kenny Wayne Shepherd? To say he was a child prodigy is probably an understatement. He grew up in household filled with music and a father who was the program manager for a Shreveport, Louisiana, radio station. S&H Green Stamps got him started!

A great example of how S&H Green Stamps enabled people to connect and do good. Here is an uplifting story about a grandmother and granddaughter helping a young expecting couple with their S&H Green Stamps.


There are several reasons why there aren't many coalition-type loyalty programs in the US. But the underserved small business space is about to change that with S&H Green Stamps!


Don't forget Mothers Day! In my last post about the importance of loyalty, I mentioned the misconception that many businesses have that rewards are the mechanism that drive loyalty. In reality, rewards are the end result. Rewarding loyal customers. But how does a business create loyal customers? As I thought about this, I remembered a story told at a Microsoft CRM event years ago. It illustrates the power and impact of customer service.

beth and brian.jpg

Brian and Beth Quinn started a small nut business in 2000 with the simple philosophy that high quality ingredients, a love of good food and a passion for creating in the kitchen would produce some of the best tasting nut roasts around.


When speaking to small businesses, the idea of customer loyalty is rarely seen as a competitive advantage. A punch card, buy 10 gets you a free ?? hardly gets one excited. Loyalty is so much more.


Given the S&H Green Stamp mission of rewarding for doing good, it's alway's a pleasure to introduce people and brands making a difference.