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About Stewart Lytle

Stewart Lytle is an award-winning newspaper reporter, having worked for great newspapers in Alabama, Washington, D.C., Dallas and the Massachusetts North Shore. Born in Alabama, he graduated from Phillips Academy and Princeton University. His reporting has ranged from investigative reporting, including running a few unscrupulous politicians out of office, to feature writing about some very interesting people. He loves writing fiction and has published Iron City Conspiracy available on amazon

Iron City Conspiracy

Iron City Conspiracy propels the reader onto the front pages of a daily newspaper as it solves the murders of a popular politician, minister and deacons of a historic Alabama church. The newspaper's investigation is led by the first African-American newspaper editor in Iron City, once the heart of the Civil Rights movement and a city again torn apart by racial strife.

Joe Riordan, the editor, is also fighting to keep his newspaper off the chopping block as its owners conspire with an investor and the rival newspaper owner to sell off the Iron City Post. From the first pages, this story is intense, drawn from today's headlines amid the dangerous search for the bomber and his accomplices. It also provides an insider's look at how newspapers really work and the depth of racial conflicts in cities today.



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