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About Bruce Pittman

Bruce has had an excitement for words and stories most of his life. The ability to communicate transformational ideas such as joy and grace move him every day to share hope with people through writing and speaking. He is an alumnus of Mercer University, Southeastern Baptist Seminary and Samford University. Bruce has served in church ministry for many years. He has authored 5 books and ghost written 2 others. He and his wife, Kim, have 2 adult sons. He enjoys time with family, running, books, chocolate chip cookies, and Tar Heel Basketball.


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Coffee at Joe's : Casual Conversation About Life Transformation 

Emin was limping his way through a difficult season in life. His confidence and joy had bailed on the journey a long time ago. The conversations he was having with himself were full of fear, anger, and disappointment. Could he change the self-talk and move forward into a new future? If so, how? Coffee at Joe’s is the story of Emin and his path out of the dark holes of worry, anger, and disappointment. It was a difficult journey of ups and downs that involved many cups of coffee and conversations with a mentor and friend. 

Found My Heart When I Lost My Way 

Found My Heart When I Lost My Way tells the story of a season of my life when I lived through great uncertainty. I felt lost because I did not know where to go or what to do. Nothing made sense. A door had shut, but another door did not open. This lostness lasted for more than a few months. It lasted for years. As I journeyed through this darkness, something began to happen. GOD did a major remodeling job. He revealed my heart to me and I saw the false self that I had been living. I realized how disconnected I was from my own heart. He forced me to relinquish my ways, my thinking and my desires. He began to develop in me a new heart. It was one of confidence and courage and vision. I learned to embrace who He had made me to be.

Make It Count

What if you awakened each day with the thought, “Today I will live a better life. I will give it away. I will make it count.” That one thought would change your focus and give you purpose. Make It Count, an inspiring work of stories, fictional and true, and applicable principles, dares us to believe that our lives matter. Bruce Pittman challenges us to set up others for success by investing in them. This book could be the start of a revolution. Like a pebble dropped in a pond, the ripples of your life will go far and wide.

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