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KL Landing Garden & Apiary

At the Landing, the Doss place, we are beekeepers and chicken-whisperers, selling honey, eggs and medicinal-based salves and balms.

Our Story

My Polish grandmother, Babka, at the age of 90, said several times, “Don’t become a farmer!”  I was months away from marrying a Sergeant in the Air National Guard, who wore cowboy boots and bought sight unseen 42 acres in Stokes County, perfect for farm or ranch life.   Believing in the rewards of a self-sufficient living, in 2007, we started investing in planting the seeds that would grow to become “The Landing.” 

Kevin announced he wanted to start an endeavor.  Beekeeping evolved into a passion for medicinal herbs, pollinating plants, and developing restorative therapies from organic herbs and oil or honey infusions.  Fortunately, Kevin, now a seven-year retired veteran, benefits from many products that ease his aches and pains, especially my Turmeric and Lavender Foot Balm, Sore Muscle Rub, Lavender Oil, and Skin Soothing Oil.  

With well-tested recipes sold online and at three local North Carolina farmer’s markets, KL Landing Garden and Apiary are helping all ages discover the value of herbal remedies.  

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