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Welcome to the S&H Green Stamp partner directory.  These aren't just any merchants; these brands and merchants love their loyal customers and the communities they serve.  There may not be a merchant in your area yet but create an account and we'll let you know when there are. 

Merchants that give S&H Green Stamps

Vera Coffee Company

Vera Coffee Co. was founded by an organic chemist, Dr. Glen Miller. Working with natural compounds in his research first brought resveratrol to his attention. You may be familiar with resveratrol- it is a naturally occurring polyphenol found in red wine that is associated with heart health. Dr. Miller began to wonder how Americans could consume more resveratrol without drinking more red wine. Finally it came to him- coffee! 82 percent of Americans drink coffee every day and it is the perfect vehicle to deliver the benefits of resveratrol. After much research, he developed a process to infuse the antioxidant into freshly roasted Arabica bean coffee and heart healthy coffee was created. Learn more about Vera Coffee Co. in this video with Glen:


online, Portsmouth, New Hampshire 03801