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S&H Green Stamps is not just an incredible rewards/loyalty program. It's much more. For over 126 years S&H Green Stamps empowered people to support each other, local businesses and causes that were near and dear to them. We are excited to carry on this legacy with a modern twist. Go green and help us support local!

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Based in Walnut Cove NC, KL landing Garden & Apiary creates medicinal-based salves and balms made from local beeswax.

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When you make a purchase at a participating merchant, use the app to scan the store code to receive your stamps.

I have a older customer base and I can't tell you how many stories they have about what they got with their Green Stamps and how excited they were to see our We Give S&H Green Stamps sign. My younger employees are amazed at the stories about parents, and grandparents pasting stamps in the old books.  

Sam Small Business Owner