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FunkAway 8oz Aerosol Spray - 6 Pack

What do bad jokes and all your stinky shoes and gear have in common? They’re PUNgent. Don’t just cover up those odors. Eliminate them with FunkAway! The Extreme Odor Eliminator sprays on powerfully and attacks the source of the smell.

  • 8-oz aerosol spray
  • For all the funked-up stuff you can’t put in the wash
  • Use on shoes, sports gear, pet stuff, work gear, and more
  • Get rid of all kinds of smells — sweat, smoke, pet, mildew, skunk, food, and anything else that stinks
  • Guaranteed to work
  • Made in the USA

About FunkAway

We tried other odor eliminators and they only covered up odors. We needed something that eliminated the smell! And not just any smell. The grossest, most extreme, sickest smells you’ve ever smelled. The kind you find in hockey locker rooms, garbage dumps, public restrooms, or even worse, a teenager’s bedroom.

We locked ourselves in a lab and didn’t leave until we had the solution — our exclusive OM Complex™! Now we have a whole line of extreme odor eliminators, and we’re always working on something new.

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