Over 27 million people are predisposed to the value of S&H Green Stamps


A network of businesses that empower their customers with rewards. The bigger the network grows the more valuable it becomes

Digital Stamps

S&H Green Stamps are valuable. Use them to reward for referrals, engagement, employee recognition or to support a local cause. 


Get to know your VIP customers and show them some love. Create custom non-stamp rewards and promotions.

Easy to get started

Increased Revenue

You earn stamps too

Improved Social Media Reach

Measurable ROI

Employee Recognition

Business to Business Networking

Customer Retention

Premium Offers


What is a coalition loyalty program?

 Unlike a business offering their own rewards program like a super-market that provides rewards just for their customers, a coalition program allows rewards to be earned at any participating business. The benefit is that a consumer has many opportunities to earn and can redeem for merchandise based on their interests across a broad segment of businesses.

I don't have time. Is it simple to get started?

The updated program was created by small business owners, so we realize how important your time is. The program is simple to implement and can be implemented in 15 minutes. No complicated tech or integrations.

Talk about simple...

  • Shopper makes a purchase
  • They scan a branded code card kept at the register
  • They earn 100 stamps

Your benefit:  Deeper connections with your customers and community, social reach, increased traffic to your website and social channels and much more. Local causes overwhelming you with donation requests? We fix that too.

Are the number of stamps awarded based on amount spent or fixed.

The number of stamps awarded are not based on amount spent as this would introduce complexity and require POS integration. The number of stamps awarded are fixed at 100 stamps across all businesses. This levels the playing field so businesses with higher margins don't over reward at the detriment of other businesses.

However, businesses can choose to set a minimum purchase amount in order to earn stamps. This is designed to increase basket size.

Is my customer information shared with other businesses

Absolutely not. No information is ever shared or visible even to your business.  However, through your dashboard you can create promotions to either your customers or any customer in the green stamp network by age, gender, location and number of store visits only. Not by email, txt, name or any other identifiable information. 

Interactions are via the S&H Green Stamp mobile app only.  So no spam or intrusive communications.

Note: This approach may be more effective than email depending on your open rates since when you create an interaction, it goes to all of your customers that are enrolled in the program.

I already have a rewards program

Wonderful. So you understand how valuable a rewards program can be. The beauty of the S&H program is that it is complimentary to any existing rewards program. Because stamps can be earned at any other participating business, consumers will look for businesses that give stamps. In addition, you will get extreme exposure as people are constantly exposed to your business via the S&H Directory and Catalog.

Your in-house program is specific to your store so you're potentially missing out on the 1000s of other customers that are in the S&H network. 

Is there exclusivity

We understand how important competitive advantage is for your business so every effort is made not to create direct competition. 

Keep in mind that the S&H program is a coalition program which means businesses in the coalition are a tight knit, community focused group open to collaborating, doing cross promotions and gamification. 

So exclusivity is dependant on the type of businesses and the proximity to each other.

How does this help with my social efforts

Being part of the S&H Merchant Network has it's perks. Both our directory and catalog are social aware. So not only will people find you via search, they find you via social as we reward people for talking you up on their social sites.

Explain the 'Network Effect"

The network effect refers to the phenomenon where the value or utility of a product or service increases as the number of users grows. It is sometimes called a "demand-side economy of scale. (Customers will demand to know where they can collect S&H Green Stamps)

This is where a coalition program really shines!


Businesses with 500 customers.

Business 1 engages their 500 customers in the program, another business joins and engages their 500 customers in the program, 10 businesses join and engage their 500 customers in the program. Now there are 6000 customers that can be engaged in the program by the businesses in the S&H Green Stamp program.