A rewards program like no other

Improve customer retention and trust

Everything you need to grow your business by attracting and keeping loyal customers.

Let's take your customer relationships to the next LEVEL

A rewards program powered by the iconic brand, S&H Green Stamps. Since 1896 S&H Green Stamps has helped businesses grow by offering valuable shopping rewards and promotions to their loyal customers.

As a member of our coalition rewards program, you will be part of a growing network of businesses that have come together to reward their loyal customers with amazing benefits and incentives. Our program is designed to increase in-store sales, social awareness as well as enhance your overall customer experience.

Easy to get started and cost effective

Designed specifically for small businesses. No complicated technology to install. Shoppers simply scan a code upon purchase to earn 100 stamps.   Our focus is local and the objective is to drive store traffic.  Exclusivity ensures that you have a competitve advantage.

Real Time Personalized Offers

The S&H Interactive platform provides an easy way to segment your customers by customer frequency, age, gender and location. This enables you to create unique loyalty promotions and incentives. 

Customer Retention

Do 80 percent of your sales come from 20% of your customers?  It’s up to 7 times cheaper to keep a current customer than to earn a new one.  In addition to stamps, create unique promotions to keep your customers coming back.

Increased Web Traffic

The search engine optimized merchant directory with links to your website and social channels will ensure that people find your business. A detailed traffic analysis and reports are available in your dashboard.

Generate Word of Mouth

Loyal customers tend to make more referrals to your business. 75% of participating customers will tell others about your business. We help them do it!

Increased Revenue

Millions of potential customers are predisposed to the value of S&H Green Stamps which differentiates your business from your competitors. As a coalition program, customers will seek out your business to earn stamps.

Employee and Non-profit Supporter Recognition

Recognizing performance with S&H Green Stamps is a great way to continuously motivate your employees and encourage them to reach performance goals.  

You earn stamps too

Any time one of your products is redeemed, your business earns stamps that can be used to support local initiatives or your business.

Networking and Support

Do you currently belong to a paid networking group? No need for the extra expense. The S&H Green Stamp program provides you with an incredible capability to generate referrals just by being part of our network. Plus soon you'll have a private space to get the support you need to run all facets of your business! 

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