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How is S&H Interactive different

Sure there are many rewards and point programs out there but none like S&H Green Stamps. With the S&H Green Stamp program you can redeem your stamps not only from your favorite local businesses, but others too. In addition, you can earn e-stamps by interacting with others that share like interests. 

Our mission with S&H Interactive and the S&H Green Stamp program is to connect people, businesses and nonprofits around things people are passionate about.    By working together via shopping and engaging we can create a fun and valuable way to make a difference in our communities.

What does it mean to be a Green Team Member

Being a green team member isn't just about participating in a loyalty program. It's about being part of a community and feeling connected by participating in important conversations that can make a difference in your community. Support local businesses, nonprofits AND each other.

Is there a cost to become a Green Team Member

Initially no. As the S&H Green Stamp network matures, there will be a nominal yearly membership fee. This fee will be used to enhance our prize pools as well as support local nonprofits in your area as a portion of the fee will go to a local non-profit.

How do I become a member

Simply hover over the lock in the upper right of the page. Once you log in, you can view and edit your profile by hovering over the lock again.

Why is there a difference between Green Stamps and E-Stamps

We created a distinction between stamps earned by shopping versus stamps earned from engagement because it is extremely difficult to moderate engagement. People can simply create false engagements and game the system. This would not be fair to the merchants that are providing products or services for Green Stamps.

Instead, stamps earned within the groups are used for gamification and supported by merchants. This means you'll earn interesting topical rewards for doing good and you'll see how well you're doing via a leaderboard!

Example: You may be in a food & dining community and based on your engagement may earn a free dinner or ?

To see your redeemable stamp balance, visit the IdeaBook

I forgot my password

If you forget your password, navigate to the log in page by hovering over the lock in the upper right of the screen and click log in. On the log in page enter your email address and click password reset. An email with a reset link will be emailed to you.

Managing your Profile

Once you log in, hover over the lock in the upper right of the page and click on your display name. You will be directed to your profile where you can view specifics of your account, reset your password, add a picture and change your display name. It is recommended that you change your display name to something other than your name.