You shop, why not get rewarded, EVERYWHERE!

You shop at your favorite merchants for things like groceries, pet supplies, gas, pizza, coffee and more. As a loyal customer, wouldn't it be great to earn the SAME rewards from everywhere you shop?

Collect S&H Green Stamps

The S&H Green Stamp program is different in that it's a coalition program where local businesses join together to provide S&H Green Stamp rewards. So you can earn stamps from any business that participates in the program. 

Being Green has it's benefits

It's a community thing. Being part of the S&H Green Stamp family empowers communities to band together and pool stamps to benefit important causes. Support each other, local businesses and non-profits. Get together, Save together! Green Stamps for good.

Earn while you shop

Every time you shop at a participating merchant, you earn 100 stamps. They add up quick and you can redeem them in the online IdeaBook!  

Earn everywhere

Many rewards programs are specific to the retailer. Not S&H Green Stamps. Earn stamps at any participating merchant!

Do good

Being green has it's advantages. Our Get Together, Save Together program empowers communities to band together and save stamps to benefit causes that matter.

Brand Ambassador

Do you have a favorite local business and would love it if they gave S&H Green Stamps? Refer them and earn! Details