Digital Green Stamps

S&H Green Stamps are Valuable!

Today, over 25 million shoppers are predisposed to the value of S&H Green Stamps. They're passionate Green Stampers and will seek out businesses that give stamps. 

Family traditions, supporting local businesses, local causes and collecting memories are a motiviating factor.

Build brand loyalty, increase repeat purchases and create an army of consumers that will advocate for your business when you give S&H Green Stamps.


Those Stamps... Incredible Brand Recognition

73 Percent of People over 50 fondly remember collecting and redeeming S&H Green Stamps!

Reward Stamps on Purchase

Shoppers scan your branded code card, after purchase, to receive 100 Digital S&H Green Stamps.  


Shoppers redeem stamps in the S&H IdeaBook Marketplace for  exciting merchandise.


Understanding the value of the program is essential and we've made it easy to view reports on stamp earnings by store, age, location, store visits, and gender. And soon, promotion capability on that criteria as well.