Redeem your S&H Green Stamps for
Vera Coffee Company

Redeem your stamps for one 12oz Bag of Vera Cardio Blend Coffee

5000 gs

Keep your heart at peak performance with Vera Roasting Company's Cardio Blend coffee. We source clean, green coffee beans that are fair trade, organic, and single origin from high elevation farms in Central America. We roast in small batches to assure freshness. And most importantly, all of our roasts are infused with Resveratrol, the all-natural, beneficial antioxidant that imparts heart, skin and neuro health to red wine. Our high purity Resveratrol is formulated for improved absorption, and clinically backed to foster healthy blood pressure, cholesterol, circulation & vascular well-being. Enjoy our tasty and energizing cup of coffee specifically formulated for your health and wellness. 

Learn more about Cardio Blend here

Our founder, Glen Miller, a PhD organic chemist and coffee lover, developed an innovative way to further improve the coffee experience by creating a daily ritual of health and wellness. Building from a foundation of peer reviewed research supporting the health benefits of coffee, he targeted complimentary macronutrients that could be precisely infused into roasted coffee beans. 

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