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When I Grow up by Rae Ripple

"When I grow up" by Rae Ripple is an entertaining and inspirational picture book for young children. A young girl and her mother are on their way to the library. The girl thinks about a question her teacher asked her at school. To find the answer, she turns to her mother for help. Her mother suggests they explore the library, but before they step through the door, the girl notices someone welding a sculpture outside. The girl is surprised to see that the person welding is a woman, and excitedly asks her mother if she can become a welder too! Her mother smiles and the girl rushes inside the library to find the books that will help her achieve her new dream.

This book was written and illustrated by Rae Ripple. The illustrations in this book will grab the attention of any young reader. Using a mix of drawings and real life images to encourage kids to let their imagination fly! Allowing the opportunity to color and draw on the pages. Adding their own personal touch to the story

2500 gs

Rae Ripple is a world-renowned metal artist, television personality, stunt rider and now author. Her work has been featured in magazines, television shows, and documentary films. She resides in Texas with her husband and two children. Rae has a passion for sparking the younger generations interest in all the opportunities the trades have to offer.

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