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The Maudslay State Park Association

Formerly called Maudesleigh, the 480 acre horticultural and agricultural estate was owned by the Moseley Family from 1900 until 1985 when it became the property of the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation

During it's heyday, a staff of 40 tended to the Main House, the Helen Moseley House, the houses for the Coachman, the Forester and the Head Gardener as well as three greenhouses and hot houses.  While most of the buildings are gone, espaliered fruit trees, a formal vegetable and cutting garden, a 500 foot perennial border, an Italian garden, rose garden, and collection of rhododendrons, azaleas, and specimen trees in addition to the laurels that occurred naturally on the estate are still here.

Miles of carriage roads and walking trails crisscross throughout the property over stone arch bridges, past a flowering reflection pond and through spectacular fields and meadows.  All of this requires hard work and support, both physical and financial.




74 Curzon Mill Road, Newburyport, Massachusetts 01950