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Music Drives Use

How We Help

​Since its inception in 2006, Music Drives Us has helped hundreds of individuals, organizations, and schools throughout New England. Each year during our grant cycle, these groups apply for our Performance Grants or Organizational Grants. After a thorough review process, MDU selects the applicants who will receive funding. We are proud to share that to date, we have donated more than $1,000,000! We look forward to the continued expansion of our movement in the coming years.

About EBJ 

Ernie Boch Jr. is a renowned business leader, entrepreneur, and philanthropist in Massachusetts. In addition to owning a Ferrari franchise, Ernie serves as president and CEO of Subaru of New England. This multi-billion dollar company distributes Subaru vehicles throughout the six New England states.

Boch, a musician himself, also runs his charitable organization, Music Drives Us. This nonprofit organization funds musical opportunities for the under served throughout New England.

111 Morse Street, Norwood, Massachusetts 02062