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As a consumer, local businesses depend on your patronage to weather difficult financial times and for a business, taking care of loyal customers  should be a top priority.

Here are considerations that small businesses should consider to stay connected to customers during a financially uncertain time:

1) Information is one of the best ways to fully understand your customers and what's important to them. Information allows you to create a deeper connection with them and give you a variety of ways to reward. The S&H Green Stamp program provides you with targeted capability based on age, gender, location and store visits.

2) Lead with empathy and grace in your messaging and policies, and by acknowledging that your customers may be facing difficult times.

3) Maintain engagement with a motivating mix of benefits. S&H Green Stamps accelerate the loyalty loop as customers are incentivised to earn more rewards and benefits.

Recessions are unpredictable for both consumers and businesses; now is the time for a local business to implement a proven program like S&H Green Stamps that rewards everyone in the shopping experience.

Now is the time for businesses to implement a proven rewards program like S&H Green Stamps.


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