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Thanksgiving stands as a poignant chapter, a time when loved ones come together to express gratitude and share in the warmth of each other's company. As we reflect on the cherished moments of the past, there's a nostalgic thread that weaves through the stories of countless families - the significance of S&H Green Stamps.


During the 1960s, Sperry & Hutchinson issued three times as many stamps as the U.S. Postal Service. Did you know the stamps were printed in Sand Springs, Oklahoma by Allied Stamp Corporation? It's an interesting story!


Even today S&H Green Stamps are still on peoples minds. Here is a mention in the kids movie The Rise Of Gru.

Alan Sherman.jpg

S&H Green Stamps parody of the 1941 song Green Eyes by Alan Sherman


Have you ever wondered what might have been if certain life events happened differently? This is why I LOVE S&H Green Stamps and why we're excited to carry on the legacy of what S&H Green Stamps meant to so many!


Even celebrities have fond memories/life changing situations of S&H Green Stamps.


The TV sitcom The Brady Bunch featured an entire episode about S&H Green Stamps


Celebrities of all kinds have antidotes and stories about S&H Green Stamps!


Here is an excerpt from an article published by about Mario's Italian Lemonade and the role S&H Green Stamps played!


A great example of the Get Together Save Together Program - I love this quote from the article. “The key was to get enough people to do a small part of what would become a big project." Green Stamps for Good!