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Holistic health and wellness for dogs and cats

The Natural Dog is an independent local pet retail store located in Newburyport, Hamilton, Middleton and Danvers MA. We promote and represent holistic health and wellness for dogs and cats. We strive to provide dogs and cats with a wide selection of natural foods, whole food supplements and environmentally friendly products. We research and choose our products based on quality rather than popularity. Our goal is to educate customers on species appropriate feeding for dogs and cats, and assist with healthy diet choices versus commercially popular ones. 

About the Owner

Dawn Price is a Registered Dietitian and has been working in the pet food industry since 2002.  Dawn has always been passionate about animals.  During her nutrition studies she took a special interest in pet nutrition. She spent endless hours reading, researching and attending lectures on pet nutrition.  Over time, Dawn became increasingly interested and more disturbed about the products marketed to pet owners as healthy diets for their pets.  She realized the importance of species specific feeding for dogs and cats and the lack of it available on the market. 

Dawn began as a nutritionist working for a manufacturer of natural pet foods, and went on to work as the Sales Manager for a large New England and Canadian pet food distributor.  She also taught Canine and Feline Nutrition at a local college.

In 2005, Dawn opened The Natural Dog in Newburyport, MA with the intention of increasing consumer awareness in pet food.  Today The Natural Dog has multiple locations.

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