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Brian and Beth Quinn started a small nut business in 2000 with the simple philosophy that high quality ingredients, a love of good food and a passion for creating in the kitchen would produce some of the best tasting nut roasts around.

Well they nailed it! The most amazing roasts that are vegan as well as glutenfree , soy and dairy free. They use raw organic cane sugar, as well as organic chocolate, pure spices and natural flavors in all of their roasts.

I remember when they started selling nuts from carts at local events and farmers market so it came as no surprise that after years of extremely hard work, they opened their first storefront, located in Somerville MA. Brian or Q as every knows him by, creates some of the most innovative flavors like Sweet Sesame Sage, Autumn Roast, Maple Bourbon, Banana Foster, Key Lime Ginger, Sweet & Sassy or the classic sweet roasts. What's your favorite nut? Cashews, Pecans, or Almonds?

We are honored to carry a sampler in the S&H Green Stamp IdeaBook.

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