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S&H Green Stamps is a premier rewards program that rewards customers with digital stamps for their purchases, which can be collected and redeemed for a variety of merchandise. The program offers several benefits for membership organizations.  

Benefits Include

Increased membership and customer loyalty: By participating in the S&H Green Stamp program, membership organizations can attract new members and retain existing ones. People are motivated to join and remain loyal to organizations that offer the opportunity to earn valuable rewards through their everyday shopping.

Incentivized spending: The program encourages members to spend more money with participating businesses to earn more stamps. This increases consumer spending, which in turn benefits the businesses associated with the membership organization.

Cooperative advertising: Membership organizations can collaborate with local businesses that offer S&H Green Stamps, creating joint advertising campaigns and promotions. This cooperative approach increases exposure for both the businesses and the membership organization, resulting in potential growth for both.

Positive brand association: By aligning themselves with a popular loyalty program like S&H Green Stamps, membership organizations can enhance their brand image and reputation. Being associated with a well-known and respected program creates positive perception among consumers.

Cross-promotion opportunities: Membership organizations can partner with other organizations participating in the S&H Green Stamp program to offer joint promotions or exclusive rewards. This cross-promotion allows for mutual benefit, expanding the reach of both organizations and creating growth opportunities.

Member engagement and satisfaction: The S&H Green Stamp program provides a tangible and rewarding experience for members, leading to increased engagement and satisfaction. The program facilitates a sense of accomplishment and value as members collect stamps and redeem them for desired items, fostering a deeper connection with a membership organization.

Data and insights: The S&H Green Stamp program generates valuable data on consumer behavior and shopping patterns. Membership organizations can leverage this information to gain insights into their members' preferences, allowing for targeted promotions and more.

If you are a membership orgaization, contact us to learn more about a unique partnership that adds value to your orgaization and your members. 

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Betty Bowen 8 months ago

I worked from 1979 until 1999, not sure about the time we quit making stamps. the name of the place was Allied Stamp, we made S&H stamps and other stamps, like Piggly Wiggly. It was the best job I ever had, we were all family and it was so much fun. In later years the place changed name a couple of times and we began making flexible packaging and flexible labels for brands like Peps, Aquafina and Coke. Best place ever to work.

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