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Our interactions are spread out over social sites, websites, groups, video, chat and txt where things can be taken out of context and expose the ugly side of social media. Some may refer to social media as "community",  but is it?  Where is the connector that binds our interactions into something meaningful, something valuable?  That's left up to us and the people we interact with so, it's easy to see how many directions, good and bad, it can go.

When I speak about why S&H Green Stamps were much more than a rewards program, I refer to the fact that they were a community connector and were a big part of the community fabric and culture.  30 million families collected S&H Green Stamps! Kids did the sticking, flipping thought the IdeaBook catalog searching for the perfect toy they could redeem for, Moms focused on kitchen appliances and clothes for the kids, many bought gifts for family and friends and so many furnished their first apartment using S&H Green Stamps. When local causes needed help S&H Green Stamps came to the rescue as communities banded together to pool their stamps to buy cars for shelters, firetrucks for their fire department and Gorilla's for a local zoo.  Comedians made fun of them, musicians sang about them and the Brady Bunch ended up with a new TV.   This is what excites us most with the brand and what it represents. A connector!

Our mission is to create an ecosystem around S&H Green Stamp rewards that fosters community connections and actionable outcomes.  

The tenents of our mission:

  • To facilitate a sense of belonging and support for individuals. When people are part of a community, they can share their experiences, struggles, and triumphs with others who can relate and offer empathy and guidance.
  • Provide opportunities for collaboration and innovation, as individuals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets come together to solve problems and create new ideas.  Actionable outcomes!
  • Promote social and economic development, as members support local businesses, volunteer in community events, and advocate for policies that benefit the community. 
  • Provide a sense of belonging, foster innovation and collaboration, and promote social and economic development.
S&H Green Stamps... So much more than a rewards program.

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